Charles Krauthammer Mocks WaPo's Colby King: 'Kool-Aid, Isn’t That Your Favorite Drink?'

September 8th, 2012 1:11 PM

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer gave some well-deserved ribbing to the Washington Post's Colby King on PBS's Inside Washington Friday.

"You do live in a completely different world," Krauthammer told King when he disagreed with his views about the just-ended Democratic National Convention. "And you drink, what is it, the Kool-Aid? Isn’t that your favorite drink?" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I saw a Party that has given us unprecedented unemployment, low growth, the most anemic recovery, not talk about the present, not talk about what it had done or the consequences of its policies. It couldn’t. It talked about empathy. This was all about empathy. The only reason Obama is not 20 points behind, which he should be on the basis of his record, is because there is this huge empathy gap - 20 points ahead of Romney on who cares for average Americans. This was all about empathy, all about log cabin origins, and that’s the only way Obama can win, and on empathy, they put on a hell of a show. A lot of tears in that audience.

GORDON PETERSON, HOST: Okay Colby, tell us about the convention you watched.

COLBY KING, WASHINGTON POST: Well, I wasn’t in the same universe I guess with Charles.

KRAUTHAMMER: Well, you do live in a completely different world.


KING: I do.

KRAUTHAMMER: Yeah, and you drink, what is it, the Kool-Aid? Iisn’t that your favorite drink?

KING: Well, you’re getting off to a good start, Charles.

KRAUTHAMMER: I’m just raring to go.

KING: No, I know you are.

PETERSON: Can we answer the question?

KING: I’d like to get back to the show.

Sadly, most of the media are drinking the same Kool-Aid Colby is.

Imagine how much better the world would be if that weren't the case.