SNL Bashes ‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts as Dumb, Fear-Spreading Racists

April 10th, 2011 11:16 AM

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” went after the Fox News Channel again, this time depicting the hosts of the network's morning show as dumb, fear-mongering racists.

Saturday’s sketch began with an announcer stating, “You’re watching ‘Fox & Friends’ – coffee, smiles, fear and terror” (video follows with commentary):

After the introduction, the regulars were seated on the couch with Steve Doocy played by Jason Sudeikis, Vanessa Bayer as Gretchen Carlson, and Bobby Moynihan as Brian Kilmeade.

The first topic was the averted government shutdown, with Bayer taking a shot at President Obama. Moynihan followed by incorrectly saying this would have been the first time such a thing had ever happened in American history.

Not sure this was correct, the opinion of a totally hapless fact-checker was solicited, and he proceeded to just fumble papers onto the floor, salute them, and not offer any help whatsoever.

From there, the panel took a shot at Michelle Obama’s child obesity awareness program followed by Bayer making some racist comments about Mexicans.

Then, guest Helen Mirren was introduced as a drunk, anti-illegal immigration advocate from Arizona who proceeded to tell an absurd reverse anchor baby yarn that Mexicans are kidnapping pregnant American women to have them birth their children in Mexico as - horrors! - Mexicans.

Next, the gang decided to show their birth certificates, but Moynihan’s was a gift certificate from Dave and Buster’s.

To wrap up the sketch, despite previously presenting their fact-checker as a hapless moron, a long list of errors they made in the first two hours of the program was scrolled on the screen.

Add it all up, and in SNL’s view, these three hosts are just dumb, fear-mongering racists.

Sounds like the way America's media have depicted the Tea Party the last two years, doesn't it?