George Lopez Calls Sarah Palin A B***h On National Television

February 13th, 2010 2:53 PM

Comedian George Lopez Tuesday called Sarah Palin "la cabrona" (b***h in Spanish) on his late night television show.

During the opening monologue of his TBS program, Lopez said, "I usually don't let politics upset me, but this is crazy. Sarah Palin, la cabrona."

He then went on a two and a half minute attack on the former Alaska governor that should make liberals in the media quite pleased (video embedded below the fold with partial transcript, h/t Big Hollywood):

GEORGE LOPEZ, HOST: I usually don't let politics upset me, but this is crazy. Sarah Palin, la cabrona. Sarah Palin said, said. Sarah Palin said that it's wrong for President Obama's adviser Rahm Emanuel to use the word retarded, but it's alright for Rush Limbaugh. When someone becomes irrational like that, complaining, not making any sense, it means only one thing: they're Special Needs. Sarah Palin is talking a lot of smack about President Obama. A lot. That's all she, that's all she does. She lost an election AND quit her job, but according to her, he's the failure. Wait. She can't even remember the smack that she's talking. She gave a speech for some Tea Partiers, and had crib notes on her hand, though she made fun of the President because he uses a teleprompter. At least he's using technology. Third graders write s**t on their hands. If she's President, where's she going to write Ahmadinejad, on her cleavage?

Is this really acceptable commentary on a national cable network that most people get with their basic subscriptions?

In the end, it seems we're more and more moving to a point when you can say anything you want about this woman on television and it's okay.

What's next?