'Saw VI': Horror Movie Villain Kills For ObamaCare

October 24th, 2009 1:36 PM

What's become of America when you can't even go to a horror movie without having to endure Obama propaganda?

Unfortunately, such exists in the recent installment of the hit slasher series "Saw VI."

Readers are encouraged to stow fluids, flammables, and sharp objects before proceeding further, for the following review by Los Angeles Times movie critic Robert Abele is sure to elicit bouts of uncontrollable laughter (h/t Big Hollywood):

Jigsaw, the Tupac Shakur of franchise monsters -- dead, but still releasing work -- seemed pretty clear-cut by now, almost cocktail-chatter boring. Yeah, yeah, he likes torture -- er, I mean, "games," has some mad engineering chops, is fascinated by the "will to live," and has obviously bought mini-cassette recorders in bulk. But hey, it turns out he was once turned down by an insurance company for a medical procedure. Jigsaw wants healthcare reform!

In what might be the shrewdest, most politically tinged move for this reprehensibly gory, obnoxiously cynical and incompetently directed (this time by original "Saw" editor Kevin Greutert) series, the "Saw VI" writers have given Jigsaw (Tobin Bell, the Hoarse Whisperer) a target for his death-and-dismemberment contraptions that average movie audiences -- well, the ones who like this stuff -- might actually feel some real-life vengeance toward: slick, heartless, coverage-denying bureaucrats.

But, really, do reformers and victims of callous health insurers really want a guy with a penchant for elaborately constructed death panels of his own to be their advocate?

For those thinking Adele is seeing liberals under his bed, the Seattle Times had exactly the same take in its piece Friday entitled "'Saw VI' Takes a Stab at the Insurance Industry":

"You have seen the errors in your policy," Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) hisses in the latest "Saw" movie. And, kids, he's hissing a pun at Big Insurance when he does, the profiteers who determine "who lives and who dies."

As Jigsaw tortures the actuarial menace who sentenced him and other cancer patients to death, forcing Not-Evil-Just-Officious Will (Peter Outerbridge) to save or let die his Umbrella Insurance colleagues, Will is reminded that "your decisions (are) symbolized by the blood on your hands."

Hmmm. I guess Sarah Palin was right. 

Honestly, folks, you can't make this stuff up!