A Judge and a Life Sentence Media Will Ignore

May 26th, 2007 1:19 PM

An Atlanta judge on Friday sentenced a child molester to life imprisonment for the sexual assault of two children.

However, during sentencing, Superior Court Judge Craig Schwall reserved his harshest criticism for the mother who allowed it to happen.

The following video of a WSB-TV report on the matter contains some possibly offensive language as it included specifics of the crimes committed by the assailant (extremely grateful h/t to our dear friend Ms Underestimated).

Regardless, it is well worth the time to see a judge say what every right-thinking person would want to tell this mother if given the chance.

In reality, his tongue-lashing should have been national news, for it properly pinned responsibility for these heinous acts on a mother who was too busy with her own social life to be home protecting her children.

In an era when we are continually being told by the left and their media minions how bigger government can solve all the nation’s woes, and that crimes are often a product of circumstance, it is indeed refreshing to see a judge hit the nail on the head.

Alas, a Google News search of his name produced no results.

Not one.

By contrast, the now fraudulent Duke lacrosse rape case was national news for months.

Anyone care to venture a guess as to the difference, or would that be too politically incorrect?