Laurie David Uses Greensburg Tornado Disaster to Further Global Warming Alarmism

May 21st, 2007 1:21 PM

I’m not sure which is worse: using the Greensburg, Kansas, tornado disaster from last month to bash President Bush and the war in Iraq, or using it to further global warming alarmism.

Regardless of the answer, one of soon-to-be-Dr. Al Gore’s primary sycophants, Laurie David, actually wrote an article for the Huffington Post Sunday tying the devastation to this small town to climate change and green principles.

I kid you not.

In a piece entitled “Putting the Green in Greensburg,” David sickeningly used a natural disaster to further her goal of destroying the American economy in the name of protecting the environment (emphasis added throughout, h/t NBer Sick-n-Tired):

While no one questions whether Greensburg should be rebuilt, everyone should take a moment to question how.

I mean, think about it. If we could start over, what would we do differently? Would we take into consideration the cost of global warming in the shape of more and more extreme weather events? Would we make our cities and towns more sustainable? Would we make our homes and businesses more energy efficient so that every homeowner pays less on their bills every month? Would we make commutes as short as possible so that people can walk or bike if they choose? What would we do if we had the opportunity to do it all over?


It is time to build our communities in greener ways that enhance our lifestyle and help combat global warming. Let's pull out all the stops. Let's make Greensburg Exhibit A of what we all know our future must look like.

Just a question here, Laurie, as you’re advancing this agenda: do the residents of this town have a say in this? Or, because of how much more you know about what is in their interests than they do, should their views in how to rebuild their town be considered irrelevant?

Honestly, folks, the level of arrogance and pomposity on display here is truly sick-making.