Australian Knight Rips Al Gore and Global Warming ‘Campaign of Alarmism'

February 28th, 2007 1:24 PM

Sir Arvi Parbo is likely not a household name in America. However, the knighted business mogul originally from Estonia is highly regarded in Australia, so much so that he was the keynote speaker at Wednesday’s gathering of climate change skeptics in Canberra.

As reported by, during his address, Sir Parbo had some rather harsh words for Dr. Global Warming, aka Al Gore, as well as for all alarmists including those in the media:

A CONCERTED and well-organised campaign has created alarm over human-induced climate change, industrial magnate Sir Arvi Parbo says.

Sir Arvi also said today key international reports warning of climate change, including Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth, are biased and scrutiny of them has been suppressed. [emphasis added in second paragraph]

Sir Arvi was just getting warmed up (emphasis mine throughout):

Sir Arvi said he had kept an open mind through 20 years of listening to debate about climate change but was now witnessing a "semi-religious fervour" overshadowing it.

"One must admire the skilful way in which the public has been led to believe that there is no longer any uncertainty, and that disastrous climate change caused by humans is imminent," he said.

Sir Arvi then set his sights on Dr. Global Warming himself:

"The appointment of Mr Al Gore as adviser to the UK Government on climate change is a good example.

"I am not aware of Mr Gore's ranking as a climate scientist but he has undoubted credentials as a politician and someone who knows how to influence public opinion.

"His film, The Inconvenient Truth has been widely publicised, has been seen by, and has influenced millions of people around the world.

"It has been severely criticised for deliberately and grossly exaggerating and distorting the issues and I understand that the recently published summary for policymakers by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change contradicts a number of Mr Gore's major contentions.

"This, in contrast, has had virtually no publicity and no effect on the public."

Sir Arvi then went after the media:

"An uninvolved observer has to conclude that there has been a concerted and well-organised campaign to create worldwide apprehension and alarm.

"Reading and listening to the media and to political discussion, this campaign has succeeded. In fact it may have succeeded too well."

Let’s hope not, Sir.