Former Pink Floyd Guitarist Implores NYC Concertgoers to Impeach Bush

September 17th, 2006 9:12 PM

Drudge is reporting that at a recent Roger Waters concert at Madison Square Garden, the former guitarist of the famed rock band Pink Floyd advertised some anti-Bush sentiments on a floating pig. For those unfamiliar with the band, when they were touring many years ago to promote their album “Animals,” during the song entitled “Pigs,” a huge, floating, inflatable pig was part of the props. Apparently, in this instance, the pig was graffitied with campaign propaganda (Update -- video here):

ROGER WATERS [PINK FLOYD] CONCERT TOUR HITS NORTH AMERICA AND NYC WITH FLYING PIGS, URGING DEM VOTES IN ELECTION, 'IMPEACH BUSH' WRITTEN ON REAR OF PIG FLOATING OVER AUDIENCE... One concertgoer writes: 'Seeing Bush's name written across the pig's arse made me howl'... The pig had graffiti. 'New Yorkers/Don't be led to the slaughter/Vote November 7'... another attendee played off the hit 'Another Brick in the Wall': ''We don't need no thought control,' even from Mr. Waters'...

This wasn’t the first time on this tour that Waters was so political:

Another sends a review: 'I attended the Roger Waters 9/15 show at Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY. At one point during the show Waters juxtaposed pictures of the President, Karl Rove, Ronald Reagan, and Margaret Thatcher with pictures of Osama bin Laden, Mao Zedong, Stalin, and other world tyrants. Rogers asked whether 'these people [Arabs] are really are enemies'. This took place during his anti-Bush/Blair song 'Leaving Beirut' in which he claimed 'that Texas education must have really f*cked you up' and asked why Tony the 'US poodle/pawn' is a warmongerer'...

As a huge Pink Floyd fan who was considering going to see Waters when he comes to my area, I long for the days when one could go to a concert without being lectured about politics by the performers.