Robin Williams Refers to Rush Limbaugh as a Piece of Male Genitalia on ‘Tonight Show’

July 1st, 2006 12:05 PM

Fair warning for those that are sensitive to vulgarity, for this post will need to use some to properly quote the individual involved. Comedian Robin Williams was on the “Tonight Show” Thursday, and used the occasion to make fun of Rush Limbaugh’s recent Viagra incident. To be sensitive to those that might be offended, all obscene quotes will appear in the "Read More" section.

Now, to be fair, I am a huge Robin Williams fan, and believe him to be an equal opportunity offender. Even Rush, who has a fabulous sense of humor, likely would think this was funny (video link to follow).

With that in mind, host Jay Leno nicely set up Williams by asking for his opinion about the recent Viagra story concerning Limbaugh. Williams answered: “First of all, it seems a little redundant for him to take Viagra. You know, the fact that he takes it he gets taller. (audience laughter)”

Williams continued: “I mean, why do you need Viagra? It’s a hard thing when he’s a big pr—ck already. (huge audience applause)”

Next, Williams moved on to more drug references: “Where was he staying in the Caribbean? Club Medicated?”

From there, the discussion moved into a homosexual theme after Leno mentioned that Rush was down there on an all boys vacation. Williams responded: “That’s code. What do you need to take Viagra on an all boys vacation?”

Williams then suggested that Rush was in the Caribbean to go “fly-fishing” as he pretended to use his nether regions as a rod and reel.

Video clip of Robin Williams on the June 29 Tonight Show (1:48): Real (3.2 MB) or Windows Media (3.6 MB), plus MP3 audio (650 KB)