Olbermann Claims Rita Cosby is ‘Dumber Than a Suitcase of Rocks’

June 14th, 2006 1:49 PM

Apparently, Countdown’s Keith Olbermann doesn’t play well with others – color me shocked.

According to Lloyd Grove of the New York Daily News (hat tip to TV Newser), MSNBC’s Olbermann sent an e-mail message to one of his three fans that aren’t related to him that included a rather derogatory comment about his colleague, Rita Cosby:

“‘Rita's nice,’ Olbermann wrote to a fan from his MSNBC E-mail account, ‘but dumber than a suitcase of rocks.’ Yesterday Cosby retorted: ‘Keith got it wrong. I'm not that nice.’"

That wasn’t the only co-worker Olbermann dissed:

“In his E-mail, Olbermann was also dismissive of then-MSNBC President Rick Kaplan, who left the network last week with six months to go on his three-year contract.

“‘And Kaplan?’ Olbermann wrote to his fan. ‘He was the producer of that special last night — now known as the Kanye West Show.’ It was a reference to an embarrassing incident during NBC's Hurricane Katrina telethon on which the popular rapper departed from his script to claim President Bush ‘doesn't care about black people.’"

Keith Olbermann…today’s worst person in the world.