Keith Olbermann Wrongly Declares Michelle Malkin Today’s 'Worst Person in the World'

April 18th, 2006 1:38 AM

On Monday’s “Countdown,” host Keith Olbermann demonstrated, as he regularly does, why he should have stuck to being a sportscaster on ESPN (hat tip to Michelle Malkin with video link to follow). In his “Worst Person in the World” segment, Olbermann chose Michelle Malkin for posting the names and phone numbers of UC Santa Cruz students that recently forced military recruiters off the campus. In Olbermann’s words, the students, “as a result, have been inundated with death threats.”

What Keith conveniently failed to inform his viewers was that these phone numbers were actually part of a press release by the organization responsible for the protest, Students Against War. In addition, these names and phone numbers are still available at a number of left-wing websites including this one. I guess Olbermann didn’t think it was important to inform his viewers of this.

Another thing Olbermann omitted from his report were the atrocious e-mail messages and threats that Malkin herself has been receiving all day for posting this previously made public information at her website. I guess it might have diminished Olbermann’s point a bit to share with his viewers some of the reprehensible comments Malkin has found in her inbox all day for merely sharing the exact same information that those responsible for this protest gave to the press. By the way, Keith, as much as it pains me to say it, this includes you.

For those that are interested in seeing what peace-loving pacifists have to say when crossed, please go here.

Finally, as Malkin pointed out, even some readers at the Daily Kos agree that Michelle didn’t do anything wrong by posting these numbers – which means that Olbermann not only has the dubious honor of being the Worst Person in the World, but is also further out in left field than many DK-ers.  

What follows is a full transcript of this segment along with a video link courtesy of Michelle Malkin. 

Olbermann: But the winner, Michelle Malkin. Military recruiters showed up at an on-campus job fair at the University of California, Santa Cruz – which was their right. Four students showed up and protested their presence, which was their right. Malkin blogged about it, which was her right. But she also posted the names and the home phone numbers of the protesting students who, as a result, have been inundated with death threats. And she will not take the phone numbers down from her blog. And if she thinks that is also her right, then she is even crazier and dumber than we all thought. Michelle Malkin – today’s Worst Person in the World. 

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