Media Ignore Iranian President’s Call For Europe to Take Back Jews From Israel

January 21st, 2006 11:37 AM

According to the Associated Press (hat tip to the Drudge Report), Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday “challenged Europe to take back the Jews who emigrated to Israel, adding that no Jews would remain in Israel if Europe were to open its doors.” Strangely, a thorough Google and LexisNexis search identified that, until now, no major American media outlet has reported this new round of anti-Semitic statements by the controversial Iranian leader who is also threatening to expand his country’s nuclear activities. (The New York Times published an online AP story Friday evening at its website that included this information. However, it appears that this did not make their Saturday print editions.)

The first time AP logged this report was via its Worldstream unit at 10:25PM GMT Friday. That calculates to 5:25PM Eastern Time. Yet, according to Google and LexisNexis, not one American media outlet besides the Drudge Report is covering this story:

“Ahmadinejad delivered the challenge after arriving in Syria for a two-day visit on Thursday. Addressing Europe, he asked: ‘Would you open the doors of your own countries to these (Jewish) immigrants so that they could travel to any part of Europe they chose?’

“‘Would you offer the necessary guarantees that you would provide for their security when they came to your countries and not allow another anti-Semitic wave in Europe?’ he added in an apparent reference to recent attacks on Jewish cemeteries and properties in European states.”

The article continued:

“He said Europe should welcome Jewish people to prove its sincerity in supporting people's freedoms. He added he was confident that no Jews would remain in Israel if European countries allowed them to immigrate.”

By contrast, America’s media did report the other news out of Iran yesterday that it was going to begin moving money out of European banks. Not only did CNN do many reports on this subject yesterday, but also the Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Tribune all have articles in today’s editions on this subject.

I guess to the American media, Iranian money is much more important than its anti-Semitic rhetoric.