It’s “Fitznukkah”: Al Franken Celebrates the Indictments at The Huffington Post

October 29th, 2005 10:09 PM

At “The Huffington Post’s” blog, Al Franken’s most recent post is called, “Happy Fitznukkah, Everybody!” In it, Franken expressed hope that yesterday’s indictments of I. Lewis Libby weren't a “one-day holiday like Fitzmas” - a not-so comical conglomeration of the words Fitzgerald and Christmas - and waxed elatedly about the possibility of other presents to come such as indictments to Ari Fleischer and Karl Rove:

“The only disappointment was the lack of a ‘treason’ indictment. Looks like thirty years is the most Scooter will get. But who knows? He might get squeezed and end up ratting out the other guys, and get only eight to twelve.”

Yet, maybe the most enlightened opinion - and certainly the most comical - at this thread was posted in the comments section:

“Hey Al, the reason there was no treason indictment was because the CIA-outing charge didn't apply, you dodo! Statute of limitations on that little charge. It looks like they've nailed Scooter on lying, but that's it. So forget about your ‘execution' jokes that you told on Letterman. You've been hanging around Randi Rhodes too long. Now go get drunk and threaten to beat up another talk-show producer."