MRC's Tim Graham Slams Kamala/Immigration Media Coverage on Newsmax

July 12th, 2022 10:16 AM

NewsBusters Executive Editor Tim Graham appeared on the Newsmax program Spicer & Co. on Monday and discussed CBS interviewing Vice President Kamala Harris and asking her about comments by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on the "invasion" of America's southern border. 

Robert Costa interviewed the Vice President for the Friday CBS Evening News and Sunday's Face The Nation. Harris denounced Abbott: "I would suggest that so-called leaders focus on solutions, instead of attacks, if they really are concerned about a problem."

LYNDSAY KEITH, co-host: Tim, at the end of the day, you look at her relationship with the president of Mexico, Guatemala. They wouldn't come to the Americas summit and so now it seems like “That's not working. Let's talk about a pathway to citizenship here.”

TIM GRAHAM: Yeah, I believe Robert Costa’s question was, he said that Greg Abbott's calling it an invasion! And he was sort of suggesting she denounce the Republican. You know what they really should be asking, if we're talking about humane policies, is how it is that somehow we're not going to blame Biden or Kamala Harris when 53 migrants die in the back of a of a semi from human traffickers.

Nobody's gonna blame Biden and Harris for that. I bet you they’d blame Trump for that if it happened [on his watch], and it would be a story that would last longer than two news cycles. But here he is, he's making this whole issue not about the Biden-Harris failure. But somehow about the idea that Greg Abbott would dare to criticize them.

Trish Regan added "What Tim is saying is very interesting and very on point, but it's the media that's not blaming him, right? Because when you look at the polls, including one that the New York Times just did they came up. Democrats do blame him. I think your rank and file Democrats are like we're sorry this is over. This just isn't working. So while the media won't hold him accountable, everyday folks are."

Sean Spicer agreed. "That is exactly the point. I'm glad you brought that up, Trish. I think that's the thing. They get away with this. That interview -- she got away with a bunch of word salads because there was no pushback."

The usual network posture on historic levels of illegal immigration under Biden is to ignore it. MRC research director Scott Whitlock found that in evening-news coverage from November to April, the network evening news programs offered zero minutes of coverage in three months, and less than ten minutes in two other months. 

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