MRC's Brent Bozell: John Bolton Went from Political COVID-19 to Hero with Anti-Trump Book

June 23rd, 2020 6:08 AM

On The Evening Edit on Fox Business on Monday night, MRC founder and president Brent Bozell said the media treated John Bolton as the "political equivalent of COVID-19" and a knuckle-dragging, fire-breathing caveman....until he turned on President Trump.

Anchor Liz McDonald began with an Axios report that former Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a new book, and wrote “Bolton was a classic case of a senior White house official drunk on power who had forgotten nobody elected him to anything.”

BRENT BOZELL: Let’s look at the history here. John Bolton was, up until last fall, in the eyes of the media, was the political equivalent of COVID-19. I mean, for years, they projected him as some knuckle-dragging, fire-breathing Cro-Magnon. But then he turned on the president – and suddenly, all was forgiven, all was forgotten, and now he’s the hero.

Just last night on ABC, consider, he was on there for an hour. This is something you give to celebrities -- unless it’s the person attacking Donald Trump. The last person, somebody got that kind of treatment was, James Comey, when he wrote a book attacking Donald Trump. So now you have, Sarah Sanders has her explosive take in her book. Do you think Elizabeth, do you think she’s going to be given an hour of time on prime-time television to tell her story? Do you think the Sarah Sanders will be given five minutes to tell her story? John Bolton’s going after the president. So he’s the star, Liz.

McDonald relayed another tale from the Sarah Sanders book, that on a trip to London, then-Trump chief of staff Mick Mulvaney called Bolton a “self-righteous, self-centered [SOB].” South Korea is disputing Bolton’s tale of Trump’s summit in North Korea, as is Rep. Jim Jordan.

BOZELL: There is an alphabet soup of administration officials who have come out with stories about John Bolton that are quite negative. You've got international leaders that are now saying he is not telling the truth. You have got members of congress saying he is not telling the truth. All these things are things that the media themselves could have found, if the media were reporting the truth about John Bolton. They have no interest in looking into whether or not he is telling the truth.

 I repeat, the only thing they care about is the fact that he’s attacking the president. And note -- The only serious question he got, the only tough question he got in his ABC interview, was, to wit, why didn't you come after the president during the impeachment hearing? That‘s the toughest he got. So These are all questions that the media could have asked. They all could have investigated all these untruths that are coming from John Bolton. They have no interest in it whatsoever, because he’s going after the president.

Bozell said Bolton "sold his soul to the devil on this one."