Welcome to the NEW NewsBusters.org!

June 2nd, 2020 6:04 AM

In August 2005, the Media Research Center decided to bring its massive archive and expertise into the blogosphere, and NewsBusters.org was born. The so-called objective media would face an even faster and more thorough vetting through our sharp-witted team of conservative bloggers, bringing video and transcripts and cogent analysis. 

Now, on the verge of the 15th anniversary of NewsBusters, your favorite conservative media criticism site has been redesigned and upgraded for performance, functionality, and a bit more flair.

We just put the new back into NewsBusters. Easier to use. Easier to read. Easier to share content. New useful and usable features.

Where did we start? Research shows that almost 60% of our readers access NewsBusters.org with their smartphones. So, NewsBusters.org was optimized for the mobile user and the next generation of on-the-go conservatives.  Of course, the MRC’s NewsBusters.org has been redesigned for PCs and tablets, too!

o   Faster – The site has been modified, so pages load quicker and smoother.

o   Light & Dark Modes – Switch to "Dark Mode" or "Light Mode" depending on your tastes. Call it a "sight for sore eyes."

o   Supersize It! –  Simply click the up arrow to increase the font size to your liking. If you keep your browser cookies, NewsBusters.org will remember your preferences. 

o   Sounds like good sense – Our text-to-speech engine will read any article aloud. It is perfect for the busy multitasker or when you just want to relax and listen.

Since 2005, NewsBusters has been exposing left-wing narratives, hypocrisies, falsities, disinformation, and misinformation. You name it, we’ve done it.

NewsBusters.org rolls on with a fresher look and modernized features, offering you a more accessible, interactive, and engaging online experience.

Style and substance. Form following function for today and the future — that's the newly redesigned MRC’s NewsBusters.org. Let us know what you think by sending us an email using the Contact Us form on this page.