MRC's Bozell Lashes Out at 'Stupid' Trump Giving Media Excuse to Not Cover DNC Leaks, Hillary

August 6th, 2016 10:17 AM

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell was in rare form on Tuesday night while speaking to Dana Loesch of The Blaze TV in calling out Donald Trump as “stupid” for giving the liberal media an endless number of excuses to not cover the firings and Wikileaks dumps about the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s latest problems with the truth.

Further, Bozell warned conservatives of letting liberal moderators be tapped for the upcoming presidential debates because “the rule has been...if you choose a liberal to be a moderator, then you’re going to liberal perspective in the debate, so the Republicans have got to be a lot smarter about this.”

On that topic, Bozell also wondered: “Why is it that there can’t be a single moderator from Fox or from Blaze? Why does it have to be NBC, CBS, or — or ABC? Why does it have to be?”

Before Loesch brought up ABC’s chief anchor and former Clinton official George Stephanopoulos as one of many liberal hacks “being interspersed throughout the media” for the benefit of the Clintons, Bozell lambasted the media’s lack of outrage at Hillary not holding a press conference in so long:

If the media want openness and the media want transparency and media want the truth, why is it like lap dogs they roll over at the fact that Hillary Clinton hasn’t had a press conference since December of last year and her campaign manager just the other day, they’re not decided whether she’ll hold a single one throughout this campaign? How is it they let this woman get away with it? But then they’ll report about the fact that she ate at Chipotle.

The two also expressed their displeasures both with Trump taking the media’s bait and constantly attacking the Khan family, but the media for not doing their part in giving airtime to Pat Smith to talk about Hillary Clinton lying to her about why her son was murdered in the deadly 2012 Benghazi attack. 

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On the topic of the massive media disparity, Bozell ended the segment by giving Loesch the MRC numbers that our analysts crunched earlier in the week by taking into account the morning and evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC:

Now, what’s the coverage been? On the Pat Smith-Hillary Clinton-Benghazi story, it’s been under two minutes. With the Khan story — and two minutes over a period of weeks — with the Khan story since it broke last week, 85 minutes. This is preposterous. 85 to two. And I would submit to a Secretary of State lying to the mother of a — of a poor dead man. Lying to her about a video and never correcting it when that lie was exposed as a lie. Never apologizing, that was a lot worse than this Khan stuff.