We're Getting to Him It Seems: Testy Ed Schultz Slams NB Publisher Bozell As 'Pig' on His Radio Show

March 29th, 2012 10:32 AM

On the Tuesday edition of his radio program, an unhinged Ed Schultz railed on against conservative "pigs" that were out to get him, like our very own publisher, Brent Bozell. "You know, if these people want to fight every day, we'll fight every day. That's OK with me," Schultz pledged, insisting he was not afraid, unlike other liberals, to fight back.

Our friend Brian Maloney at Radio Equalizer has a montage of Schultz's spittle-flecked rants. We've embedded them below the page break. Be sure to visit our Clean House at NBC website to register your disgust with Schultz:

Here are the relevant portions of Schultz's tirade, as transcribed by Maloney (emphasis mine):

You know that I have not whined one bit. We're letting the free market play out. That, you think that our advertisers aren't getting heat from the right wing? Well let me tell you. Media Research Center, which is headed up by that bozo Brent Bozell, has gone so far as to write an open letter to Comcast trying to get rid of Phil Griffin, myself and Al Sharpton. You haven't seen me do anything on TV about this. You haven't seen me do anything on this radio show about this. Uh, some of my advertisers are getting hit. You know, some of my advertisers are being complained about. Look, this is the free market playing out.


So now this is Mark Stevens going on Fox News complaining about what's happening to his business because people are doing the sa-, let's, it's happening to me too, OK? Now you guys started it! You know, I didn't go on the air for nine hours. Your guy went on the air for nine hours, OK? And Bozell wants me fired. He wants Al Sharpton fired.

He wants Phil Griffin fired. I mean, Comcast, they're calling Comcast board members at home. That's the rumor that I'm hearing. I haven't confirmed it but that's what I'm hearing. There's an email campaign going out that's very strong from the right wing. So this is what's happening.


And so Brent Bozell [sarcastically], he's on the Media Research Center! He is the god of content! He is the moral authority! He goes on with Hannity, Hannity plays clips over and over again. They are trying to gin up a case.

 You know, if these people want to fight every day, we'll fight every day. That's OK with me. For too long, liberals were afraid to stand up to these pigs. I will.