MRC/NB's Tim Graham Talks About Pelosi and the L.A. Times on Fox News

March 13th, 2007 2:13 PM

MRC director of media analysis Tim Graham appeared Monday night near the top of FNC’s The Big Story with John Gibson. The topic was a Los Angeles Times editorial attacking “General Pelosi” for trying to micromanage the war, when the Times felt she should either support it or cut its funding off.

Tim said the weird thing about Speaker Pelosi news coverage is “just how absent she’s been from the national discussion. She was sworn in in January with all kinds of pomp and circumstance, and promptly went into a closet, never to return…When you watch television today, the only way you really see Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are still those un-powerful critics of Bush who can’t seem to stop the surge, who can’t seem to cut the funding off, and now you as you said, you have the left-wingers going out and protesting her in San Francisco like she’s somehow not an ultraliberal." Video clip: Real (1.92 MB) or Windows (1.6 MB), plus MP3 (773 KB)

When Gibson asked if the Democrats are trying to micromanage the war, he added: “The news media certainly isn’t having an accountability moment here for the Democrats. What the Los Angeles Times is basically saying today in its editorial is ‘you are going to have to pick A or B, you can’t pick A and a half,’ which is what they’re trying to do."