HuffPo Suggests Anti ObamaCare Doctors Will Harm Patients

September 2nd, 2009 6:22 PM

Coming on the heels of Obama suggesting that doctors cut off people's feet because it makes them more money than a prescription, an article by the Huffington Post "News Team" suggests that doctors who warn patients about the perils of socialized medicine may physically hurt them if they don't agree.

Eric Stein went to see his doctor in Los Angeles, Calif., for a routine ear-cleaning procedure last fall. He was alarmed to discover that his doctor was out of town, leaving him in the hands of the doctor's assistant, who, instead of using the usual vacuum device, was brandishing some kind of poker with "a protruding piece of metal like a wire" on one end...He mentioned that he didn't have insurance, and he made a negative remark about insurance companies. The assistant reacted strongly. "She said, 'Oh, well, you're lucky you don't live in Canada or Britain," and she mentioned the allegedly long wait times for treatment in those countries. Stein was taken aback but decided to keep his mouth shut. "I didn't want to have an argument with that needle next to my brain," he said.

Better get used to doctor's assistants, that may be your primary care provider under ObamaCabre. One of the tenets of the article was that doctors are giving out misleading information, citing an article from the liberal flagship St. Petersburg Times.  

Jim Heltsley, a 67-year-old retiree in Florida, said his chiropractor dumped him after he questioned an anti-reform flier in the waiting room. "I just ducked into his office and I set it down on his desk. I said, 'Dr. Mike, who put this out?' And he says, 'It's all true.' I said, 'No, those are myths, they've been debunked," said Heltsley.  Most of the items in the e-mail Moss was distributing have been deemed incorrect by reputable news organizations, Heltsley said.

Reputable news organizations? You mean like The St. Petersburg Times who just lost a $10 million dollar lawsuit for perpetuating libelous statements about a doctor? And what kind of "myths" are the doctors pushing? One is that healthcare will be rationed. Will Huffington Post and The St. Pete Times go on record guarenteeing that healthcare will never be rationed? The average person is lucky right now to get 10 whole minutes with a real doctor. Maybe The St. Pete Times can explain how you can add 50 million people to the current system without cutting a single service people have now.

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