Sun-Sentinel Skips the 'D'

August 24th, 2006 4:26 PM

The Sun-Sentinel put up an article about how the first nuclear reactor in Tehran "was provided to the Iranians by the United States."

U.S. officials point to these activities as evidence Iran is trying to construct nuclear arms, but they do not publicly mention that the work has taken place in a U.S.-supplied facility.

The Sentinel is hiding a little something themselves. The part they are leaving out is the party in control at the time - Democrats. It was during the reign of Johnson that this happen, kind of like how it was under the reign of Clinton North Korea jumped into the nuclear game.

Since we're on the subject of nuclear warfare, also worth a mention is the procurement of all of our most secret nuclear missile secrets while Al Gore sipped lemonade and lined his pocket with John Huang's money.