MSM Sorry They Didn't Cover For NEA

March 6th, 2006 3:24 PM

Orlando Sentinel ombudsman Manning Pynn apologizes for unknowingly exposing incompetence in the Florida school system. In a story that ran last week about how middle-income kids aren't getting what they should from schools, the Sentinel ran a picture of a teacher standing in front of a whiteboard with the word "government' written on it. Except the "r" was missing.

Wouldn't you want to know if your children were in a classroom with a teacher who can't spell 'government'? Not if you're a left-bent journalist covering for the education status quo.

Although that photo had been in the newsroom since it was taken Dec. 14 and had been seen by numerous editors, no one noticed the misspelling until early the morning of publication, well into the press run -- too late to redesign the front page. "We should have caught it," Photo Editor Ken Lyons lamented. He's right, of course. But if editors had caught the misspelling before the presses rolled, should they have substituted another picture? Would that act of seeming compassion have distorted reality and shielded readers from the truth? Yes and definitely not.

The real story here is that public education is a broken system, and journalists deliberately try to frame this story in a way that fuels more money being poured into the broken system rather than in a way to promote vouchers. Why? The short answer is control. When you have a voucher, you choose where you child goes and what they learn to a much larger extent. That is antithetical to journalists who would much rather your child be indoctrinated in a system that rejects God, promotes sex, "alternative lifestyles", and embraces tranny teachers.

It's the reason leftists like Mike Farrel can confidently say;

I see the opposition. I hear about it. I think a lot of it is fear and a lot of it is homophobia, but I think that like with everything else, the younger generation is more accepting and these things will change.

No doubt things will change if a broken school system is allowed to go on as it has, with an out of control student body, promotion of conservative hate, the teaching of moonbat rhetoric and an increasingly leftist NEA teacher's union attempting to stop school choice. Apparently choice is only a favorable option when it comes to killing children, not educating them.

Then again, maybe vouchers for private schools aren't all they are cracked up to be. Consider that spelling queen Barbara Streisand graduated at the top of her class at the esteemed Erasmus Hall High School in New York, look where that got her.