Quick Takes for January 17, 2006

January 17th, 2006 9:38 AM

The media, okay really just another reporter who hates O'Reilly, finally discovered that we aren't going to swallow everything they shovel on us without question. Another journalist admits there is plaigiarism in "every newsroom in America." The WashPost ombud admits their Abramoff coverage hasn't even begun to mention all the Democrats involved (very end of article) but that might change any minute now. Consider me holding my breath. The U.S. military saved a reporter who had been kidnapped in Iraq before anyone even knew he had been missing for 5 days (no need to thank them, they know you owe them your life.) And the media is taking heat for actually doing what the military asks of them, but only when it comes to saving one of their own.

90 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association love gay cowboys and transvestites far more than American movie-goers do. Chalk up another 7500 articles. Meanwhile one of the cowpokes claimed the rural bans on the movie were due to "racism". Calls to determine what part of the world the "gay race" migrated from went unreturned.

Wishy washy mayor Ray Nagin said hurricanes are messages that God is mad at us for being in Iraq, and that New Orleans will be "chocolate" again (is that what you call it?) Don't worry, the media will only portray Pat Robertson as crazy for purporting to know what God is thinking.

Al Gore is on a rampage claiming that George Bush is a criminal for spying without warrants. Of course this could all be brought to a close immediately by any enterprising reporter asking Mr. Gore to swear under oath that his White House never did the exact same thing.

It was a common street thug who killed former New Your Times editor David E. Rosenbaum, though moonbats can still hope he was hired by George Bush. "NIGHT TRIPPER: Wanna Bet these 'robbers' who kill journalist bystanders are NEVER found? MORAL of the STORY: Don't dare write anything that questions our fascist regime or their true motives or ELSE this may happen to YOUI!" That's just one of the morals of the story. Another might be to not implicate retribution to an editor who had long ago retired and had nothing to do with the story.

Hillary works up a sweat as the last Clinton-era investigation of inpropriety is about to come out. Don't worry though, it will be parsed and sliced up so many ways that the media won't even have to cover it in the entirety. Expect to hear more about it from blogs in 2008.