MSNBC's Bashir Bashes Romney as a 'Vacuous Candidate Who Doesn't Have Any Principles'

June 16th, 2012 5:57 PM

Setting aside any pretense of objectivity, MSNBC host Martin Bashir and guests ferociously attacked GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney during a segment of Thursday's program.  In a discussion with Professors James Peterson and Michael Eric Dyson, Bashir bemoaned the pernicious impact of money in politics, particularly money raised by Romney. (video here)

Bashir: Professor Dyson, isn't that the problem that you have here a vacuous candidate who doesn't have any principles, who is surrounded by cash from individuals who have an agenda?

Naturally, Dyson was more than pleased to pile on, warning of a plutocracy representing "the vapidity and vacuity of an empty suit whose ideological perspective is shaped by the cash that flows into him."  To lend intellectual strength to his contention, Dyson quoted from the hip hop song "Cash Rules Everything Around Me."

Gee, imagine that. Political candidates take money from people with money.  Not only that, but those contributors have - gasp! - an agenda.  And if I were an Obamabot, as these guys obviously are, I'd take it easy with those "empty suit" references. 

No mention was made of Barack Obama setting records scarfing up cash and who would do even better if that darn day job didn't occasionally interfere with his bagman duties.  Emotions are already running high at MSNBC.  If someone there doesn't have an an apoplectic fit by Election Day, I'll be surprised.