Chicago Sun-Times: Bird Poop on President Is "Wishful Thinking"

May 30th, 2007 7:51 PM

In Tuesday's Chicago Sun-Times, TV critic Doug Elfman wasn't enthusiastic about a new USA Network program, "Starter Wife":

"The show just kind of lies there, like the bird poop that fell on our president's face at a press conference the other day. Oh, I mean, his shirt. Sorry. Wishful thinking."

When Elfman won an award at a newspaper he previous wrote for, the editor cited him for his "quick wit."

Perhaps among mainstream media types, wistfully dreaming of bird poop on President Bush's face qualifies as a real knee slapper.  What's next at the Sun-Times, the food editor hoping to see the President slide on a banana peel?

Elfman is right about one thing:  He is indeed sorry.