LA Times Obituary: "Lifelong Communist Fought for Working People"

August 8th, 2006 8:30 PM

Today's Los Angeles Times includes an extended obituary on Dorothy Healey, described as "a onetime labor organizer, civil rights activist and Marxist radio commentator." The newspaper found nothing but praise for the old comrade. According to an acquaintance: "She was always so fiercely partisan for working people. Yes, of course, she cared about war and peace and women's issues, but she was always concerned about working people."

A college historian credits her union activism with leading "her to become an advocate of black and Chicano rights at a time when few other people were speaking out on such issues."

The article includes a quotation from a 1990 LA Times review of Healey's book which is described as "more nearly a melodrama — the struggle of a zealous, principled and compassionate woman to make sense of life and love in a world utterly devoted to radical politics."

No criticism of Ms. Healey is made. Of course, many of those who might have something critical to say about a functionary for the monstrous tyranny of Communism may be part of the 100 million people - even workers - who it murdered.

Yeah, she was a Communist who "fought for working people." Right.