The Chicago Tribune Covers the Gay Games. Does It Ever.

July 18th, 2006 10:53 AM

The Chicago Tribune may not be, as its competitor the Chicago Sun-Times can boast, a "proud sponsor of Gay Games VII," but you wouldn't know it by its coverage.

Last Sunday, the Tribune featured eight articles referencing the Gay Games. On Monday there were five and today there are three. In fairness, some of the articles have more to do with the weather than the games, but some pieces leave no question as to where the writer stands.

Columnist Mary Schmich, for example, writes: "It's been a generation since I knowingly met a gay person for the first time. A generation since the Gay Games started. A generation of huge, encouraging changes. And still not enough has changed."

Another writer states of the ancient Greeks: "Far from finding homosexuality and athleticism mutually exclusive, they considered gay sex an excellent training regimen and an inspiration for military valor."

In one of today's articles we're told that, "At the Gay Games, athletes have come from 22 nations, including Chile, Croatia and Papua New Guinea, to learn how to inspire change back home."

The social aspects of the Games haven't been ignored by the Tribune: 'It brings a lot of attention to the fact that Chicago's a very open city. I feel like I could go anywhere and hold my boyfriend's hand and not be afraid,' said (one man) as he cuddled with (his boyfriend)."

Interestingly, there are few mentions by the Tribune as to what the attendance is at the Gay Games. We know that Walgreens, Harris Bank, the New York Times, CNA Insurance, Merrill Lynch, American Airlines and Kraft, to name a few, are enthused enough to give money for the Gay Games.

And judging by its own extensive and favorable coverage, I'll bet the Tribune is kicking itself for not adding its own name as a proud sponsor.