CNN's Costello: Republican Ad Is "Just Downright Nasty"

November 8th, 2005 3:38 PM

On CNN's Live at Daybreak this morning, anchor Carol Costello described a TV ad in New Jersey's governor race: "The ad highlights comments from Democratic Senator Jon Corzine's ex-wife. She says, 'When I saw the campaign ad where Andrea Forrester said, 'Doug never let his family down, and he won't let New Jersey down,' all I could think was, Jon let his family down, and he'll probably let down New Jersey, too.'"

This led to the following exchange with CNN meterologist Jaqui Jeras.

JERAS: Nice.
COSTELLO: So, isn't that nasty?
JERAS: Like she's going to say something good?
JERAS: Would you expect an ex-spouse to say something nice?
COSTELLO: No. But I wouldn't expect my political opponent to use the words of my ex-wife either in a campaign.
COSTELLO: I mean, that's just downright nasty.

Apparently not qualifying as a downright nasty campaign tactic was an ad run by the Corzine campaign that features a young man paralyzed in a wresting match three years ago. The young man says: "Doug Forrester doesn't support embryonic stem cell research, therefore, I don't think he supports people like me and doctors who say a cure is coming."

But Ms Costello could only find the time to talk about "just downright nasty" Republican political ads.