Trump Can Win Over 50% of Latino Vote

March 3rd, 2016 12:58 PM

Trump can win over 50% of the Latino vote and the backing of the illegal immigrants, too.

To understand the Latino mind you must look at history. In the 1500’s there was a debate in Spain over whether to institute a free market system or keep the mercantile system. A free market system, being a new concept, lost out. 

Latin America went on to inherit the mercantile system, which easily morphed into crony capitalism and socialism. Pope Francis’ tirades against capitalism come from his ignorance and his misunderstanding of the difference between cronyism and free markets. 

The colonial economy in Latin America was largely based upon agriculture in big haciendas, some of which grew to sizes larger than Belgium. They were self-sufficient. In these the Patrón, the Boss, ruled supreme. In exchange, the Patrón would take care of his servants and workers. He provided shelter, food, medical and legal help when needed. 

This semi-feudal tradition contributes to making many Latinos supportive of certain government services, including education and health care. These Latinos do not know about a free market health care system.  When socialism rolled into Latin America it was welcomed, because it was familiar.  The socialist government was seen as the new Patrón. The demise of socialist economic policy is also the driver behind the massive exodus from Mexico into the United States.

Emigration from Mexico to the United States is, for the ruling class, the safety valve without which they would be facing the prospect of another revolution. The building of a border wall therefore threatens the very existence of the Mexican status quo. Fix the system and Mexicans will stay home.  It is that simple. 

For the Left in the U.S., a wall threatens to deprive them of potential voters lured by all the goodies they dole out to them. Latinos aren’t leftist, but some of their customs and traditions that have been part of their long history seem leftist. The Democratic Party uses that tradition to groom them as future Democrats. On the other hand, the Republican Party seems ignorant of their traditions by not playing into their conservative family-oriented values.

Nevertheless, Trump can win over 50% of the Latino vote by becoming the Patrón. His constant theme that he will take care of things really does resonate with Latinos. Projecting an image of strength, that he will protect the U.S. border and adversaries beware, is what Latinos admire in a leader. 

But to seal the deal, he needs to say that Mexico must reform into a more open economy so as to create jobs in Mexico and thus give Latinos, legal and illegal, the possibility and hope of returning home to their families. It will also make him immensely popular with the common man in Mexico.    

Trump should also expose the Left’s agenda, and point out that the Left wants to impose the very system of government here that they have fled from in Latin America. These people know the hell of socialized healthcare. These people are 99% in support of school choice.  These people are entrepreneurs and want a free market.  And they are pro-life.