Madonna’s Gay Brother Defends Kim Davis; Says Gays Are Sore Winners

September 6th, 2015 11:41 PM

There have been many conservatives coming to the defense of Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, but there is one unlikely supporter coming to her defense – Christopher Ciccone – otherwise known as Madonna’s brother, and who happens to be gay.

Taking to his Facebook page, Ciccone believes Davis should be allowed the right to refuse licenses to gay couples due to her “religious freedom.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, he wrote

The county clerk in [Kentucky] deserves about as much support as you would give her if she were a Muslim [woman] who insisted on covering her face and refused not only gay marriages licenses, but divorce, accusations of rape and driving a car without your man's approval…

Ciccone admitted that while Davis is mandated to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, he also says that the Obama/Lynch Justice Department and other government agencies seem to pick and choose which laws must be vigorously enforced:

 But why should she when DOJ and other civil authorities don't follow federal law when they choose not to, i.e. Washington State and Colorado (POT) come to mind…or the abstract notion of 'sanctuary cities.' I always thought that sanctuary was the province of churches.

Citing the constitution, Ciccone reminded everyone the freedom of press, speech, and freedom of religion:

If I'm not mistaken, it's in the constitution.....something about religious freedom or something......selective shaming and bullying corrupts a democracy....freedom of press, speech and religion give it strength. Not to mention reason and the god given compassion we as humans have a right and responsibility to practice.

Ciccone went so far to say that the gay community are sore winners and that Davis shouldn’t be forced to deny her faith:

Once again, the gay community feels the need to be sore winners…Is it so difficult to allow this women her religion? Or must we destroy her in order for her to betray her faith. No matter how we judge, it's truth. The rights we have all fought for, mean nothing, if we deny her hers.

We all know how the liberal LGBT community treated Caitlyn Jenner’s announcement that she identifies as a conservative Republican. It would not be surprising if Ciccone gets the same sort of blowback, if not worse, for his stand for religious freedom and tolerance.