Disgusting: Rosie O'Donnell Would Like to Do What to Pro-Lifers?

August 16th, 2015 2:45 PM

Oh she went there.  If you weren’t grossly disgusted with Rosie O’Donnell before, I bet after reading what she she’d like to do to pro-lifers, you will be now.

“Comedian” O’Donnell was on Jenny Hutt’s SiriusXM satellite radio show where she adamantly claimed there was a war on women.  She said:

“Bigger than any specific people, there is a war on women that is happening in this country. Women fought for equality in this country, and right now, politically, it’s being taken away from us.”

And that’s when O’Donnell lost it…not as in going crazy, because that’s been known for some time, but “lost it” as in any small amount of decency or tact or respectability she could have possibly had before.

Make sure you aren’t eating when you read this.  I warned you.

O’Donnell has such a hatred toward conservatives and pro-lifers that she told Hutt:

 “I’d like to take my period blood I no longer have and write, ‘you’re all assh—s.’ I’d like to smear it all over some people’s faces.”

O’Donnell didn’t mention the Planned Parenthood scandal, though how could she, bringing the focus on inarguable videos of Planned Parenthood executives and workers saying they sell aborted baby parts and what they would like to do with that blood money would do nothing to help O’Donnell’s agenda. 

What is it with “these” kinds of women and what they want to do with their period that’s all of a sudden making the news…and NOT in a good way?  And I say this AS a woman.  

Just the other day I wrote about a marathoner named Kiran Gandhi who decided to run the London Marathon without a tampon while menstruating - bleeding free for all the world to see. O’Donnell thought Gandhi running the marathon while “free bleeding” was a “critical demonstration for women’s rights.”

No it isn’t.  It’s a critical demonstration showing just how dirty these extreme leftist feminists can be.  You girls are nasty!

Rosie was referrring to Donald Trump's chatter about Megyn Kelly. “Why do you think she did that?” O’Donnell asked of Gandhi’s protest. “When Fox anchors are being accused of being hormonal and ashamed because they have their period?”

It’s amazing that women like O’Donnell will sit there with a straight face and yell that there is a “war on women” in America, when it’s a completely fabricated war in their own hate-filled heads.  If they want to see a real war on women, they can easily look to Iran or Iraq or several countries in South Africa where there is a legitimate war on women – where women are sold as sex slaves and traded, where women are forced to cover their faces and hide from the public, where women are forced into marriage at a young age, where women are raped and mutilated, where women aren’t allowed to drive or work or vote.  Yet here’s Rosie O’Donnell raging about a “war on women” in America because she doesn’t like people who defend the right to life.

It’s ironic if you think about it.  O’Donnell fights for women to have the right to kill unborn babies – some of which would be future women, if given the chance to live. So much for the “war on women.”