Yahoo's Online Presidential Debate Skews Leftward

April 26th, 2007 10:35 PM

Web use has become such a widespread phenomenon that for next year's presidential election, Yahoo is set to host the first-ever online presidential debate.

Unfortunately, all of the web media sources it's chosen to partner up with are liberal leaning. David All explains:

When mega-giant Yahoo! decides to play in the political sandbox, I’m going to pay attention. Yahoo! is currently ranked number one in’s Top 500.

So when it was reported this week that Yahoo! had partnered with Slate, Huffington Post, and PBS's Charlie Rose to host the first-ever online Presidential debate, as a conservative Republican, I immediately felt a curling in my stomach [...]

Don’t misunderstand the thrust of this post. This is not a personal dig at Arianna Huffington, the Washington Post’s Slate, or PBS’ Charlie Rose. In fact, I’ve said nice things about Arianna before.

Independently, these organizations and individuals serve as a valuable voice to their audience.

But, that audience is neither objective nor balanced, which means the “first online Presidential debate” will fail to effectively penetrate the conservative sphere. And that’s a dynamic Yahoo! needs to explain (and hopefully, amend).

Read the rest, including the not-so-surprising revelation that the vast majority of the WaPo's readership are registered Democrats