Open Thread

February 12th, 2007 10:13 AM

Admin note: There was a corruption in some of our data tables over the weekend which should no longer be present. For the technically inclined, I've migrated them from MyISAM to InnoDB which has more robust data management features. The move should also make making a comment go quicker, too.

As for our planned upgrade, I am working with someone to migrate us to version 4.7 of our software Drupal. When this is completed, we are going to shortly thereafter switch hosting companies.

However, all this moving is going to be expensive as is the new hardware and being released from our contract. If you could help MRC and NB with a donation, we'd all appreciate it greatly. There are some big things coming in the next few weeks and months and it will be nice when these tech issues are out of the way so stay tuned.

Feel free to use this node as an open thread.