Oprah Apparently Doesn't Want to Know How Cooper Inspires You

May 11th, 2006 11:57 AM

Yesterday, NB's Megan McCormack noted the Oprah Winfrey web site asking viewers to tell show producers how CNN host Anderson Cooper has "encouraged you to make the world a better place." After word spread about it on the web, the solicitation soon disappeared, the NY Post (ht: TVNewser) notes:

But by late afternoon yesterday, the query had been mysteriously removed from the site.

And no one was saying who or why it had been pulled down.

"Anderson is coming on to talk about his book and it will air sometime [this month]," a CNN spokeswoman said.

Winfrey's representatives did not return calls.

Sounds like an overzealous newbie employee at work to me, either that or she got wind of Cooper's ratings.