Matthews Defends Biden Kissing Stranger on Lips: 'Very Philly, Nothing Wrong With It'

September 8th, 2015 8:12 PM

Maybe Biden can do one of those DirectTV ads: "Hi, I'm Joe Biden.  And I'm Creepy Joe Biden" . . . 

On this evening's Hardball, Cook Report editor Amy Walter revealed that during a South Carolina event, Joe Biden kissed her mother, who had never before met him, on the lips. Walter said that her mother's reaction was "okay well, there we go." Chris Matthews flew to Biden's defense: "that's a very Philly thing [Biden's not from Philly]. Nothing wrong with it. Just very direct and very loving." Need we say that if a Republican candidate had smooched an unsuspecting woman on the lips, the calls for his immediate withdrawal from the race would be echoing through the MSM halls?  Bob Packwood, anyone?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: He would serve as president so he could run for office. She will run for office so she can be president.  Isn't that true, Amy? There's a different joy level there.

AMY WALTER: There's a joy level in campaigning that you see every day with him. I mean, my mother saw him when she was in South Carolina. He kissed her on the lips. All right? She said, I've never had a candidate, I didn't know him. 

CHRIS MATTHEWS: That's a very Philly thing.

WALTER: It is, but it's one of those things, where she, I never met him before, but it felt like, okay, well, there we go.

MATTHEWS: My relatives, I know all of them. Nothing wrong with it. It's just very direct and very loving.