Comic Relief: Adviser Praises Obama's 'Extraordinary Leadership' on Ukraine

July 23rd, 2014 9:00 AM

Churchill: Never give in. Never, never, never.  FDR: The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.  Obama: Fore left!  Sometimes public service demands too much of a man.  Take poor Tony Blinken.  Appearing on Morning Joe today, President Obama's  Deputy National Security Adviser actually claimed that the president was exhibiting "extraordinary leadership" in putting pressure on Russia over Ukraine.

Yes, so "extraordinary" that even as Blinken was being introduced, news was breaking that the Putin-backed Ukrainian rebels had resumed their terrorist ways, shooting down two Ukrainian military planes. View the video after the jump.

Wouldn't it be refreshing if someone, somewhere in the Obama admin quit in protest over the president's feckless leadership?  Not holding breath.  For ease of Mr. Blinken's reference, we link here a compendium of quotes from Bagdhad Bob.  Easily adaptable to the Ukrainian situation, à la: "They're not even within 1000 miles of Kiev. They are not in any place. They hold no place in Ukraine. This is an illusion ... they are trying to sell to the others an illusion."

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: We have breaking news this morning. A spokesman for Ukrainian military operations says pro-Russian rebels have shot down two Ukrainian fighter jets. That's according to the Associated Press as well as Reuters, I believe we have it double sourced. Joining us U.S. Deputy Security Adviser Tony Blinken. Have you heard about this as well?

TONY BLINKEN: I just saw the report but I don't have confirmation, but we're looking into that right now.

BRZEZINSKI: If this is true as it appears to be, I would take it that the question I'm about to ask you is all the more important. If unity with Europe in terms of collective condemnation of what is happening and what has happened over eastern Ukraine is key, what is the president doing to lead?

BLINKEN: Mika, I think we've seen extraordinary leadership by the President in bringing Europe along and exerting extraordinary pressure on Russia.