Scarborough: 'I Hope Palin's Proud Of Herself' For Killing GOP Senate Majority

October 27th, 2010 9:01 AM

If only Sarah Palin hadn't promoted the likes of Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell, Republicans would be on the verge of winning the Senate majority.  That was Joe Scarborough's thesis on Morning Joe today, culminating in Scarborough saying that he hopes Sarah Palin "is proud of herself" for having killed the GOP's chances.

Scarborough sought to inoculate himself against criticism from the right, insisting he would have wanted to see a "mainstream conservative" in the Nevada and Delaware races.  Warned Joe: "right-wing freaks, don't email me going 'you're a RINO.'"  View video after the jump.

JOE SCARBOROUGH:  If there had been a mainstream conservative--conservative--candidate [in Nevada].  So let me put it this way: right-wing freaks don't email me going "you're a RINO, you're a RINO." . . . The fact that Republicans put Sharron Angle up is the only reason this race is within 10 points.  Delaware: we know, Mike Castle, right now Mike Castle would be measuring curtains and we would be talking about a Republican majority in the United States Senate.  I hope that Sarah Palin, and other people--Pat [Buchanan] is laughing--but I really hope that Sarah Palin is proud of herself. I really hope she is.  Because let me tell you something, Pat. When Barack Obama selects his next Supreme Court justice, and Democrats are in charge by one, and it's Pat Leahy that's going to be running the Supreme Court nomination processes, I hope social conservatives like you are staring at Sarah Palin and saying "thank you, Sarah Palin, because you just made sure the person running this committee would be Pat Leahy from Vermont instead of someone from the Republican party."