Morning Joe Guest: ClimateGate Scientists Being 'Swiftboated'

December 4th, 2009 7:58 AM

Fake but accurate rides again!  The same lame defense Dan Rather used in Memogate has been trotted out on ClimateGate by Columbia Univ. Prof. Jeffrey Sachs.  

Appearing on Morning Joe today, the author of Common Wealth [note play on words: your money is our money] alleged that the real victims in this scandal are . . . the number-fudging scientists. People are attempting to "Swiftboat" those poor CRU guys, sighed Sachs.  For good measure, the good professor asserted that what the fudgesters did "is not a very big deal."

JOE SCARBOROUGH: This ClimateGate issue, where you've got scientists connected with Gore--I guess they're very important scientists in this field--that were apparently sending emails that made it look like they were playing with the numbers.  Tell us: what's your take on that?  Because you've got the right and the left fighting each other and the rest of us are in the crossfire.

JEFFREY SACHS: This is pretty serious.  Not what happened, but how it's being responded to. Because this is really trying to Swiftboat science.

SCARBOROUGH: What happened is not important?  These guys saying let's juice the numbers?

SACHS: What happened is not a very big deal, no. And what happened is a tiny piece of a huge, global, independent scientific enterprise which has found for decades that we have a very serious environmental crisis.