Matthews Begs Bartlett: Don't Go Work For Fox

June 1st, 2007 5:55 PM

Chris Matthews began his interview of Dan Bartlett by singing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" in his honor. He ended with an apparently heartelt plea that Bartlett, who today announced that he will be leaving his position as counselor to President Bush, not join Fox News.

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Bartlett was a guest on this afternoon's Hardball. In a segment beginning at 5:24 pm EDT, Matthews first sparred with Bartlett over the rift between President Bush and his conservative base over immigration reform. At the end of the interview, talk turned to Bartlett's future plans.

HARDBALL HOST CHRIS MATTHEWS: What job are you going to take now? What have you got in your mind? You must have some big vision of greatness out there.

PRESIDENTIAL COUNSELOR DAN BARTLETT: I've got a vision but it's not reality yet. Because, the bottom line is that it's too hard working within the West Wing to actually try to seek a job on the outside. Now that I've said I'm going to leave I'm going to pursue some opportunities. Don't know specifically what they may be. It may keep me here in Washington, it may take me back to Texas. But I look forward to taking on a new chapter in my life.

MATTHEWS: Well, don't go work for Fox, OK?


MATTHEWS: No! We might be offering a job right now to you! Come by and talk to the "peeps" here.
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