Ex-Edwards Blogger Back to Old Tricks: Vulgar Insults for Malkin, Coulter

February 19th, 2007 1:46 PM
Liberated by her firing-qua-resignation, ex-John Edwards blogger Amanda Marcotte has reverted to form: using vulgarity to insult her political opponents. On a whim I thought I'd check in at Marcotte's site, Pandagon, and wasn't surprised to find her slurring Michelle Malkin, with shots at Ann Coulter and the two leading conservative women's organizations thrown in for good measure.

Marcotte decided to respond to an inquiry from a poster she labelled a troll who had written: "does it bother you that one of the major architects of your demise was herself a strong woman, Michelle Malkin?"

That set Marcotte off on this tirade that included these gems of logic and literary flair [editing mine; unexpurgated vulgarity in the original]:
  • "I do want to address this false premise that someone like Malkin is a 'strong woman' Women who kow-tow to male dominance by aggressively attacking women who actually do rebel against oppression can expect to have sexist men blow this particular 'strong woman' smoke up their --- all the time. It means nothing. To the degree that these men mean it, they are mistaking a------ry for strength."
  • "There is nothing strong about the ladies of Concerned Women of America or Independent Women's Forum or a------ like Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin. There is nothing strong about selling other women down the river so that sexist men will pat you on the head and say, 'What a gooooood woman you are. Now go attack another uppity b---- and maybe this time I’ll give you a cookie.'”
  • "One thing I’ve learned that Ana Marie [Cox, ex-Wonkette] apparently has not is that if you smile at sexist pigs and play their games, they may be nicer to your face, but they’re still going to call you a c--- behind your back."
  • "And that is the golden rule to remember when the Oink Patrol dangles money and praise in front of your face, or will even call you strong, so long as you agree to suck up your dignity and promote sexism—they still think you’re a c---. The commenter who called Michelle Malkin 'strong' would flip around and call her a c--- so fast it would make your head spin, if she ever showed a sign of a real backbone and stood up for something real for once in her life. So the real question is, 'By the way, does it bother you that one of the major architects of your demise was herself a sniveling sell-out, Michelle Malkin?' And really, I think that answers itself."
It's enough to make you wish that Edwards had kept Marcotte on. Would have made the campaign so much more entertaining.

Must-see-Hot Air TV: Funny and -- dare I say -- strong Michelle Malkin inteprets Marcotte's own words here.

Update 02-21-07: One of Marcotte's faithful followers, FerrarimanF355, has posted a comment on her thread over at Pandagon, alerting Amanda to this column, and calling on her to set the record straight about my assertion that she uses vulgarity to describe opponents. Only one problem. In describing NewsBusters, FerrarimanF355 uses -- you guessed it -- a vulgarity. Vroom, vroom!

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