So Much for Chatting: Hillary Threatens to 'Deck' Opponents

January 28th, 2007 8:34 AM

Just when we were getting warm 'n fuzzy with Chatty Hillary of the living room couch, she went Mike Tyson on us.

Can you imagine the MSM's collective gasp of horror if a Republican presidential candidate threatened to punch out opponents? It would be a field day for the psychologists, as one after another would be paraded across TV screens to speculate on the subconscious roots of such hostility, and opine on the fitness for office of anyone harboring such pugilistic predilections. Lefty foreign policy mavens would be invited to fret over the way such knee-jerk aggression might lead us into war, etc.

But NBC raised nary an eyebrow when reporting on Hillary having uttered just such a threat during a campaign stop in Iowa yesterday.

View video here.

NBC'S Chip Reid introduced the soundbite this way: "She says if she wins the Democratic nomination, she won't hesitate to go after her Republican opponent."

Hillary then landed her left cross: "When you are attacked, you have to deck your opponent, and that is what I believe you do."

It will be interesting to see if the rest of the MSM picks up on Hillary's steel-cage metaphor.

Hillary Clinton -- giving a whole new meaning to "sting like a 'b'."

Aside: After all the hard work Hillary's handlers devoted to softening her image with that warm 'n fuzzy announcement video and the chummy internet chats, could they have been happy to hear her take off the gloves?

Aside, Part II: Was Chip Reid trying to soften Hillary's statement? He spoke of her going after her "Republican" opponent. But there's no such qualifier in Hillary's statement. Edwards and Obama: beware!

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