Brooks Sees Bush As Another Link In Axis of Evil

October 14th, 2006 4:21 PM

You remember Rosa Brooks. She's the LA Times columnist who vehemently denies hating George Bush. To judge by her column of today, she has an odd way of proving it. In A Good Week for the Axis of Evil, Brooks lumps Pres. Bush in with the most evil dictators from around the globe, past and present.

After arguing that it's been a good week for "Dear Leader Kim Jong Il," Saddam Hussein and the leaders of Iran and Al-Qaeda, Brooks claims "this week's news was a humiliating setback for the United States' homegrown authoritarians — a.k.a. the Bush administration."

Just in case anyone missed her point, Brooks addds:

"Like Kim and the Iranian mullahs, our own 'Dear Leader' — President Bush — prizes ideology and loyalty uber alles."

So W's not just a member of the Axis of Evil - he's a Nazi too. Nice two-fer, Rosa!

Brooks finishes with a bang:

"This was a good week for foreign authoritarians, and a bad week for our homegrown ones.

"But there's a silver lining for our local authoritarians. If the North Koreans or the Iranians ever do manage to take over the globe, our homegrown authoritarians may have to go through a brief period of reeducation. But after that, they're gonna fit right in."

So George Bush is a [thrice-accused] "homegrown authoritarian." Someone who would "fit right in" if the world's worst dictators ever took over. And - oh yeah - there's a whiff of old Adolph to him.

But - all together now - Rosa Brooks doesn't hate George Bush!

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