Kristin Not Critical Enough of Coulter for Curry [Update With B-Weiser Dig at Coulter Childlessness]

September 7th, 2006 12:23 PM

A few months back, 9/11 widow Kristin Breitweiser suggested that former CIA Director George Tenet and named FBI agents are as deserving of the death penalty as Zacarias Moussaoui. You might think that with opinions such as those, Breitweiser had made her liberal bones. Apparently not enough to suit Ann Curry's taste. On this morning's Today show, Curry found Breitweiser's comments on Ann Coulter insufficently bitter, and tried to lure her into even a more avid condemnation of the conservative commentator.

Curry began with this bouquet: "From your grief, you have drawn strength. You have given that strength to us." Ann, I'd say that even before Kristin came along you and your MSM colleagues had all the strength necessary to bash the Bush administration.

Later, it was on to Curry's Coulter-bashing invitation:

"Conservatives as you well know have attacked -- criticized heavily 9/11 widows, including you, for some of what you've said over the years, over these five years. In fact, on this program, Ann Coulter, the writer, said something to Matt Lauer." Today then played the clip of Coulter saying "these broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, revelling in their status as celebrities and stalked by griefarazzis, I've never seen people enjoying their husband's deaths so much."

When Breitweiser decided to take the high road, offering 'kudos' to Coulter for having her 'voice heard' and being 'engaged in the political process,' Curry reacted in horror:

"But she's saying that you used your grief! She's saying --"

Kristin took the hint: "I hope she never knows what it's like to watch your husband get murdered on live, worldwide television, with your child standing next to you."

Curry ended with a stunning endorsement of Breitweiser's anti-Bush administration attitude. Breitweiser referred to a passage in her new book in which her husband's wedding ring was found in the 9/11 rubble, and observed:

"Much like it was found buried beneath the smoldering rubble and ruins. I believe our country is buried somewhere beneath the current chaos waiting to be discovered, so it too can shine again."

Curry gave a big amen to that: "Kristen Breitweiser, from your page to God's ears."

UPDATE -  I just happened to come across an open letter to Coulter that Breitweiser has written at the Huffington Post. No doubt Coulter has taken her share of shots at Breitweiser. How's this for a not-so-subtle dig from Breitweiser at a spot in which perhaps she imagines Ann feels vulnerable:

"Ann, the Jersey Girls are moms. We have children. Perhaps one day if you have a child, you may understand the sense of duty and obligation that parents feel toward their children to provide them with a safe and secure environment, both in the present and the future."

Nasty little swipe.  But thanks, Kristin, for explaining that 'moms' are people who 'have children.' I'd been wondering about that.

Big hat tip to Free Republic poster maggief.

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