Dean's Group: 'Right Wing Has Dominated The Media For Decades'

July 20th, 2006 10:26 AM

Guess we folks at NewsBusters and at our parent organization, Media Research Center, can go home. Our work is done. Not only is the media not controlled by liberals, it's actually . . . dominated by the right wing. For that matter, it has been for decades! If only we had known, we could have saved ourselves all this trouble.

How did I learn this? From Arshad Hasan, of Democracy for America, the group Howard Dean founded at the end of his candidacy, and that has as its stated goal "to rebuild the Democratic Party." Dean's brother Jim serves at its chair.

Arshad was nice enough to send me an email this morning [OK, I signed up for their list], informing me of the exciting news that DFA is working "to take back our media" and that for such purposes will be conducting online 'DFA Night School' sessions to cover the following subjects:

July 25: Working the Mainstream Media
August 1: Leveraging Blogs and Online Media
August 8: Sustaining your Media Presence

Sounds like good stuff. I might have to register. In the meantime, it's comforting to know that the broadcast networks, the NY Times, WaPo, Boston Globe, LA Times, Time, Newsweek, AP, Reuters, NPR, etc. ad nauseum were just products of my fevered right-wing imagination. All this time, we've really been in control! Who knew?