Dem Strategist: At Least Slaves "Were Doing Jobs"

January 18th, 2006 9:21 AM

Trying to put out the fire that Hillary's "plantation" remark started, Dem strategist and Harvard Kennedy School lecturer Elaine Kamarck might unintentionally have added fuel to it in a just-completed Fox News interview with host Bob Sellers.

In fairness, Kamarck, pictured here, an advisor on the Gore 2000 campaign, did not unequivocally defend Hillary's comments, even saying that she personally would not have used the 'p' word.

But in defending the thrust of Clinton's remarks, Kamarck stuck her foot in it. She said:

"Plantations were terrible places where people were forced into doing certain jobs. But at least they were doing jobs."

She then went on to accuse Congress, in contrast, of not doing its job.

Can you imagine the MSM outrage if a Republican had suggested that at least slaves were doing jobs?

In any case, this might not be quite the employment policy the Dems want to be promoting.