French Not Appeasing Fast Enough to Suit NBC's Jim Maceda

November 9th, 2005 8:11 AM

If there's one area in which the French take a back seat to no one, it's in the realm of surrender and appeasement.  We have seen history repeat itself today as French Prime Minister de Villepin announced a series of new and expanded welfare programs to reward the Muslim rioters who have set fire to 300 French cities.

But those heroic Gallic efforts to appease Muslim insurgents aren't coming fast enough to please NBC reporter Jim Maceda. 

As Brent Baker observed, Maceda yesterday attributed the rioting to France's lack of pro-Muslim affirmative action:

In a segment airing on this morning's Today show, Maceda, reporting from Paris, proclaimed that the French government is "getting the message" of the disaffected "French youths."  But appeasement is simply taking too long for Maceda's taste:

"The French government promises a hands-on plan for the immigrant areas but that could take years, so even if peace does return to these streets few believe it's going to stick."

Darn it, Jacques and Dominique, you're just going to have to find a way to surrender faster if you expect the MSM to applaud you!