FNC Exposes Leftist Hypocrisy When Predicting Riots Over Roe Decision

June 26th, 2022 6:01 AM

Within minutes of the Supreme Court decision on Friday, Fox News was looking ahead to potentially violent protest. On America’s Newsroom, host Dana Perino and her guest, George Washington Law professor and attorney Jonathan Turley warned of the leftist onslaught that would follow the new life-backing decision.

Perino first pointed out reactions to the left protesting versus the right protesting. Clearly, the liberal people in charge of police in D.C. and Maryland are kinder to leftist protesters, as when they were protesting outside of Justices’ houses where they live with their families, “there’s never been an arrest of any of the protestors even though it is against the law.”

Unlike the other networks, Perino cited the radical abortion-loving group called ‘Jane’s Revenge’, who has already attacked several crisis pregnancy centers and religious buildings due to their pro-life stances. "It's in the name, Jonathan."

After lecturing against rioting, they will be willing to lose all reason and throw a tantrum over power being handed back to the states regarding unborn human life.



When Turley had a chance to speak, he warned that “people are calling for a day of rage" and “they’re going to be ramping up security” as a result of these radical leftist crazies who think that it is okay to harm people if they disagree with them. He even predicted that reason “will be a stranger.”

Furthermore, Turley predicted that “law enforcement is going to really be acutely aware that there are people who are likely to lose reason, lose restraint and could well become violent.” He noted that the federal law against demonstrating at the home of judges no longer applies, since the decision is no longer pending.

No matter one’s stance on this SCOTUS decision, violence against anyone should never be condoned. The left puts itself on a pedestal when preaching against violence (how ironic). Yet, when the right protests or “riots”, they act like it's uniquely terrible. And when their conception of "rights" are repealed, they so soft on threatening the lives of public officials and their families.

It is not just the Justices being threatened, but churches and anyone else who is against killing babies before they even get a chance to live outside of the womb, because the left sees them as an unplanned inconvenience.

That right there is hypocrisy at its highest of forms.

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FOX America’s Newsroom

June 24 2022

10:28:28 a.m. Eastern

DANA PERINO: Jonathan, can I ask you about security for the Justices and their families because we've had you on air to talk about that. I know that you had talked to other judges as well and their concern about it. 

We know that there have been ongoing protests outside a few of the Justice's homes over the last 50 days. There’s never been an arrest of any of the protestors even though it is against the law to do so, to protest in front of their homes. 

The Congress has just recently passed a bill to get them more security. Do you know anything about what planning there is right now to deal with the aftermath? As you can see there is a ton of passion there on both sides but the angry people from ‘Jane's Revenge’ they -- it's in the name, it’s in the name, Jonathan. 

JONATHAN TURLEY: Well, people are calling for a day of rage, you know reason is-- will be a stranger and that’s what we're already seeing. People feel very passionately but there’s some that can take that to violent ends. So I expect they’re going to be ramping up security. 

In terms of federal law, now that the opinion is out it is actually more difficult to use the law because the law was designed to allow the arrest of people who are trying to influence a pending proceeding or matter with the Court. 

This is no longer pending. So if anything, it’s going to be less likely to arrest just for the act of protest. But I think that now law enforcement is going to really be acutely aware that there are people who are likely to lose reason, lose restraint and could well become violent. So I expect they will ramp up that security.