Walters: Rosie Kept 'The View' From Discussing Heterosexual Sex

June 14th, 2007 7:01 PM

It seems that Rosie did more on “The View” than lame Donald Trump imitations, belittle Elisabeth Hasselbeck (as well as Republicans in general) and advance ridiculous conspiracy theories that defy logic, not to mention physics. Rosie also controlled the issues discussed on the “The View,” and while she was on the show, certain issues were off heterosexual sex.

According to the TV Guide, during a June 13 appearance on the popular LA-based radio show “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest,” Barbara Walters revealed the control that Rosie wielded over the show's daily discussions. From the TV Guide (bold mine throughout):

While admitting, "It's very hard for anyone to follow Rosie," boss woman Barbara Walters says she is rather pleased with “The View” performance since O'Donnell's famous walkout. "There are things we've been able to discuss that we weren't able to discuss with Rosie, like heterosexual sex," Walters told Wednesday's “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest” radio show. "We are perhaps not quite as political [or] vocal about [things], but the Hot Topics have been very fun, and the ratings are up, so we're quite happy. Obviously, the audience is very loyal."

Not for a second do I believe that Walters and ABC would have tolerated that kind of bias from Hasselbeck, but they willingly altered their content and avoided certain topics for a ratings-winner who is a member of a protected minority class. Before Rosie, the show frequently delved into heterosexual sex issues, usually addressing it with a frankness and humor that the audience loved. That ended when Rosie took the moderator's chair.

Of course, Rosie fired back on her blog in response to a reader's question about Walters' comment, hyperbolically stating, “my response is, she is almost 80.” (sic)

Nice way to dodge the issue, Rosie. I'm not exactly sure what Walters' age had to do with Rosie's apparent aversion to discussing hetero sex, but it did seem to show a bit of additional bias on her part--bias against seniors. Shame on Rosie for that terrible age-ism! Doesn't she know that senior-Americans can have vibrant, healthy sex lives, even those who are cursed with mundane heterosexuality? Hasn't she seen the Viagra ads?

One would think the media would report this. First of all, it concerns Rosie, who's always popular and brings in extra readers and viewers. Then there is the issue of a talk show host restricting discussion because of her her sexual persuasion. I can't imagine that if Walters had been talking about Elisabeth Hasselbeck preventing “The View” from reporting stories about homosexual sex, or even chatting about it, the media would be so disinterested.

Equality means more than having the same rights. It means having the same responsibilities and being held to the same standards as other groups, particularly the majority. If we're all equal, then anti-hetero bias by a gay activist is just as newsworthy as an anti-gay bias by a hetero activist.

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