Leo DiCaprio's New Global Warming Doc 'Won't Be Drowned Out' By 'Contrary Viewpoint'

April 15th, 2007 11:06 PM

photo of Leonardo DiCaprio from NY Daily News via Corkery/News

Apparently, hearing both sides of the global warming debate is too much for Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio. Rush & Malloy of New York’s Daily News reported that Leo doesn’t like "contrary" views in his “documentary” about global warming, “The 11th Hour.” After being part of an ABC special about “threats to the Earth,” Leo decided that dissent ist verboten! So now he’s making a real documentary—minus all of that pesky questioning (emphasis mine throughout):

Leonardo DiCaprio has heard enough bilge from oil-company apologists. At last week's Natural Resources Defense Council gala here, the three-time Oscar nominee recalled taking part in an ABC film a few years ago that focused on threats to the Earth. "Unfortunately, the message was drowned out by the inclusion of the contrary viewpoint," said DiCaprio, who narrated and co-wrote the forthcoming environmental doc "The 11th Hour." DiCaprio said this film focuses only on those who acknowledge global warming, such as Stephen Hawking, Mikhail Gorbachev and Andrew Weil. "The message won't be diluted by our having to yell over oil-company-funded 'scientists,' " he said.

This is exactly why there are “global warming deniers.” Instead of a panel of climatologists, DiCaprio presents as global warming "experts," a Communist opportunist who still resents America and an alternative-medicine hoaxster who claims people can bend spoons with their minds. At least Stephen Hawking is actually a legitimate scientist, but he’s a theoretical physicist not a climatologist.

 Be suspicious when the true believers elevate modern day snake oil salesmen to the level of expert. Give people a legitimate documentary that presents more than the one side. What are they so afraid of?