Target Promotes Hip-Hop ‘Rape Song’

July 17th, 2013 12:57 PM

When a singer releases a lewd, explicit, misogynistic song complete with pornographic music video through your big-name store, what do you do? Endorse it, of course! 

 At least, that’s how Target responded to the release of Robin Thicke’s new album “Blurred Lines,” which has stirred criticism even from liberal critics for its obviously exploitative treatment of women, even to the point of being called a rape song. As we all know, sex sells, so Target’s response wasn’t to drop the hip-hop singer or even this particular album. Instead, on July 16, Target tweeted excited hype for the repulsive song: “We can't wait for @robinthicke's new album, Blurred Lines. Pre-order now to get 3 bonus tracks, only at yours truly!”

The lyrics of the controversial song include the repeated line “I know you want it,” sexually explicit themes, and derogatory epithets for women; the unrated music video features dancing women ... wearing nothing but shoes.

But in the sexually graphic and demeaning culture of hip hop, this kind of vile song is pretty much standard fare. And after all, it’s not really a surprise for the most disgusting products in the music world to get high-level approval, of course; Jay-Z, for instance, got chummy with Obama not long ago.

Perhaps the intrepid heroines from NOW should take some R&R in their battle against the conservative “war on women” and head to Target for a soothing musical interlude.